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Here is some more detailed information on the before, during and after of the tattoo experience


Request Your Booking:

To book with me, complete and submit a booking form providing details on your desired design, budget, availability, and yourself.

 If I am currently taking bookings, you should hear back from me within 1-2 weeks about available dates


I offer email planning for tattoo designs, but also provide in-person or virtual consults for those who prefer to meet me, ask questions, and discuss their ideas verbally. No deposit is required, and you can request a consult in your booking form. You can book your tattoo appointment and pay your deposit at the same time or wait until after your consult.

For a patch test, I can tattoo a small dot with black ink to test for any allergic reactions or scarring. It's recommended if you want to see how the pigment looks on your skin tone, have colorant allergies, or are prone to scarring. It's free, doesn't require a deposit, and includes a consultation.

Flash vs. Custom:

Tattoo flash is a pre-drawn design you can choose from. Some flash are repeating (I would tattoo them limited times), and some are on time only. View my flash book online here or in person by requesting a consult or by stopping by during open hours. You can also see them online on my Instagram story highlight. 


Requests for custom drawings based on your idea are encouraged!



I will not tattoo:

  • Religious symbols 

  • Art that is not my own (unless special permission given by artist)

  • Sacred geometry

  • Art that has cultural significance and not from my own culture


I will send you the design within a few days of your session. You can request changes to the design, and I can send updated versions before your appointment with enough notice. Alternatively, we can finalize the design in person at your appointment. However, if significant changes cannot be made in time, we may need to reschedule. If you have questions, or want to clarify ideas that you are unsure about, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Confirmation of appointment

Onve I have replied to your booking request and you have chosen a date that works for you, a $50 deposit will be required to secure your spot. The deposit is included in the total cost and deducted from the price at the end of your appointment. I can't confirm your booking or start custom drawings without a deposit. I'll hold your spot for 72 hours after offering it, and we can discuss a different time if needed.

The deposit is typically non-refundable, but special circumstances may apply. For example, if you need to cancel last-minute due to COVID-19 or sickness and cannot reschedule, I can  make an exception.

Appointment Confirmation:

After submitting your deposit, you'll receive confirmation of your appointment date and time. You can then claim a flash tattoo design or, for custom tattoos, I'll start working on your design, and send it to you a few days before your session.


  • Minimum fee is 100$

  • Hourly rate ranges from  100 - 140$ per  hour

  • Cash preferred, can also accept e-transfer 

  • Deposit of 50$ required upon confirmation of booking

  • This is non refundable for last minute cancellations. Exceptions apply (ex. Covid positive or other illness). Rebooking possible with minimum 2 week notice


Sliding scale option: 

  • Sliding scale pricing is an invitation for you to choose what price you are able to pay, within the range of 80 - 140$ per hour. This option is to acknowledge wealth inequities that exist due to colonial structures of oppression, and to try to reduce barriers for those who face financial discrimination. For example, you may face these barriers if you experience systemic and societal oppression on a regular basis (if you are BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+, a person with a disability)



  • Open to trades of equal value (ex. Tattoo, carpentry, Skills - woodworking, pottery, outdoor activities, sailing, etc). Feel free to message me with your request.


Prepare for your appointment by following these tips:

  • Do not use alcohol or recreational drugs before your appointment

  • Eat and drink water before you arrive, and bring extra snacks and water

  • Avoid excessive caffeine intake before the appointment

  • Avoid alcohol consumption the night before

  • Wear a mask and comfortable, dark-colored clothing that allows easy access to the tattoo area

  • Bring any distractions you may need, such as books or music

  • Let me know beforehand if you plan to bring someone with you, as we may have limited capacity in the shop. Alternatively, you can plan to phone or video call a friend during your session



To cancel your appointment, please send an email at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. If it's within 48 hours, please call or text the phone number provided in your booking confirmation. We can reschedule or cancel the appointment. There is no cancellation fee, but your deposit will be kept unless under special circumstances.

Finalizing Your Tattoo Design:

We'll review your tattoo design on paper, where you can make requests and adjustments to the size and placement. Feel free to share your thoughts and take your time deciding. If you want significant changes, we may need to reschedule the procedure.

Skin Prep and Tattoo Placement:

  • After you approve the design, I'll ensure easy access to the tattoo area and disinfect and shave the skin. Before doing so, I'll ask for your consent. I'll then use a removable transfer ink to place the design and adjust it until you're satisfied. If you're still unsure or unhappy, we can make changes or reschedule the tattoo. You can take your time and decide in privacy


The Tattoo Procedure:

  • Before we start your tattoo, I’ll talk through the procedure with you and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you have.

  • We’ll discuss the best way for you to be positioned in order for you to be comfortable and for me to work.

  • When you are comfortable and feeling ready, I will ask your consent to start the procedure.

  • With your consent, I'll start by making 2-3 dots and check if the pain level is tolerable for you. I

  • If you're comfortable, I'll begin the tattoo and explain the process while periodically checking your comfort level. 

  • You're welcome to take breaks, move around, and ask questions at any time, but please let me know before you move. 

  • You can choose to chat or be quiet during the session. 

  • If needed, we can stop the session and finish it later. 

  • Once I'm done, you can examine the tattoo and decide if it's complete. 

  • If you allow it, I'll take photos or videos for you to keep or discard. 

  • Finally, I'll bandage the tattoo and discuss aftercare.



At the end of your appointment, you'll need to pay the remaining balance. Cash is my preferred payment method, but I also accept e-transfer. Before leaving the building, I'll ensure you have everything you need and have had enough rest.

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